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When you hear the term “luxury car” there are likely to be many brands that come to mind. No doubt, however, for almost anyone Mercedes-Benz will be one of the first to make that list. Considering the history of excellence the Mercedes-Benz brand has behind it, it’s no wonder why. 


These days, Mercedes-Benz models may be better than they’ve ever been before, both in terms of quality and amenities. It’s the right time to take one home and make it your daily driver, and at Gulf Coast Auto of Sarasota, you’ll find a huge selection of used Mercedes-Benz models at affordable prices. Sure, you could go to any Mercedes-Benz dealer and pay that little bit more for a “luxury experience,” but we find customers prefer working with a team that cares about the cars they sell and the people they sell them to. You’ll find just that here at Gulf Coast Auto. 

Can I Still Buy a Luxury Model With Bad Credit? 


At Gulf Coast Auto of Sarasota, we are big believers that our customers cannot and should not be boiled down to just a number. You are much more than your credit score, and more important, we understand that bad things happen to good people.  


So, don’t let a struggling credit situation hold you back. We help any customer get a car loan in Sarasota even if they have bad credit. After all, it takes time to build your credit back up, and sometimes, we all need that little break that allows us to move in the right direction. Gulf Coast Auto can be that break, and we’ll make the experience stress-free, affordable and simple. Those aren’t words you often find paired with financial discussions, but here, we’re only focused on getting you the car you deserve and have always dreamed of. So, complete the contact form to get started and we’ll speak with you soon. 

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A wonderful experience! I bought a 2011 Corvette from this dealer. I felt like I walked back in time when it came to customer service. Mr Harold Lowe was the sales person who attended to me. I felt cared for and trusted through the whole process. I am so happy with the car and the way I was treated. I got a fair deal at a fair price and was treated with respect and compassion. This place is not like the rest!!! I highly recommend them, especially Mr Lowe... he was awesome! Thank you
Basil was great to work with. He had the car there clean and waiting for us to test drive. No surprises. Financing was quick and courteous!
There are 40-50 dealerships in between my home and Gulf Coast Auto of Sarasota. When my son in-law and I arrived at this dealership, Dave Scata greeted us with a smile from ear to ear and a kind warm personality that was so refreshing it totally changed my day from a gloomy dredge through car lot after car lot into a bright ending and a purchase of a used van. With our growing family business, we hope to build a relationship with someone or some place so we can return for more auto purchases... More
Great service, great prices. Overall excellent team, talk to Marcin, he will make it happen. Bought a cars from them before and will definitely buy from them again.
I had a great experience with Marcin.He is very professional car salesman .Bought used Dodge Grand Caravan with him.Fast sales process .Thank you so much!
Bought a truck tonight from Troy. He was great, really went above and beyond to make the financing work. Would highly recommend. Very happy with our purchase!
Worked with Hazem who is a very personable and professional car salesman. He was nothing but good with me and my girlfriend and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to a friend.
Justin bought from Hazem
The buying experience was pleasant, professional and without any form of pressure normally associated with auto dealers. They were very fair regarding the trade-in value of our vehicle. We have followed up on a few small items and their response has been timely. Based on this experience I would describe the staff and dealership as trustworthy and customer centric. I will buy from them again!
The team at Gulf Coast Auto were excellent in all facets of the buying experience. I had no credit history and they were willing to work with me to get me a car I really enjoy. Everyone there was friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend working with and buying from this dealership.
Jason C.
I hate the car buying experience with a passion. But these guys made it totally enjoyable. No pressure whatsoever from start to finish. I purchased a vehicle from them, on-line, from the west coast. They held it at their dealership for me for several weeks, until I could get down there and drive it back west. Everything was as described in their advertisement, no surprises. I'm very happy with my purchase, and I would recommend them any time to prospective used car buyers.